Corporate social responsibility

We define ourselves through our social contribution.


We are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer and to help achieve this we also operate a strict environmental policy. The materials we use are FSC or PEFC certified and we have complete traceability through the supply chain from forest to finished product. We also use recycled materials where possible.

In a recent survey, nearly half of the consumers asked preferred paper containers over plastic, glass and tin as Carton board and Paper are manufactured from a sustainable and renewable resource and as such are the most sustainable form of primary packaging available.

More trees are planted than felled which gives total sustainability unmatched by other types of packaging. Paper are also recovered through recycling schemes and recycled into new carton board on a very wide scale and are also biodegradable and used for waste to energy schemes.

In the end of the day, Paper are regarded as the most environmentally friendly form of packaging and their usage grows each year.


We believe that providing good training for the youth is a key pillar in the success of our world. Therefore we welcome young people from different backgrounds and education levels to train every year in market-linked skills for the many sectors.

Our training program for boys and girls focuses on employability and employment linkages with the larger purpose of empowering our community and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. The initiative aims to build market relevant skills so as to make potential job seekers industry-ready and employable in the manufacturing and services sectors. And as part of our affirmative action plan, we also target the most socially and economically marginalized.

Charity support

Since the beginning, Our board of directors adopted and cared for charity projects, by partially and fully Supports a number of charities and institutions in Syria. Giving high priority to our community, we have supported many projects over the past few years, educational, medical, social support and many more.