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June 18, 2017

Iftar 2017

We gather every Ramadan as usual, All of El Safa employees and all their families for our company's yearly Iftar at our headquarter in Alexandria, the day brought joy and gifts for all our employees, and like every year at the end of the day there was a draw and five lucky employees won fully covered Umrah trips.
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Pasta Prima contract signage

A visit by the owners and managers of Pasta Prima our new client from Mali, they met with Mr.Samir el bialy and Mr.Sherif el bialy who gave them a tour around the factory and discussed their future collaboration for a fruitful and ongoing business relationship.
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina Drupa fair forum

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts and Multimedia Library, in collabrotaion with the Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries, El Safa for printing and packaging, the Faculty of Applied Arts -Helwan University, organized a lecture discussing Drupa international fair and was held by printing and packaging experts under Dr. George Nubar 's supervision and Mr. Walid Quraish and representatives of several major digital printing companies in Egypt with attendees from all of Alexandria print houses.
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Companies Football League – 2017

As part of our continuous efforts to develop our employees and keep them engaged, Our football team participated in 2017 companies football league.
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Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries training

Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries held four training sessions and workshops for El Safa employees and other printing companies at our headquarters and under our supervision in association with other printing communities, We hosted 38 printing house with 65 trainees and held a ceremony to honor all the participants.
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Alexandria press houses visit

As part of our support to the printing industry community we have a training protocol with several print houses, we invite groups of professionals to visit our factory for an educational tour to train them and provide growth opportunities to help further improve the field.
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Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries Iftar 2016

Sponsored by several printing industry giants, The Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries held its yearly Ramadan Iftar at Hilton Alexandria with printing industry leaders and pioneers, in an enjoyable and fruitful day, during the ceremony many printing industry figures were honored for their efforts and contributions to the industry.
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El Safa Sports Day 2016

Our sports day never fails to entertain and amuse, we all join in an outdoor well earned break enjoying nature, having fun and competing in sports all together, a contest is held and the winning team went home honored with giveaways and medals.
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Companies Football League – 2016

As part of our continuous efforts to develop our employees and keep them engaged, Our football team participated in 2016 companies football league, and under the support of all of El Safa Press staff and the supervision of a professional trainer they managed to claim the 7th place in our very first participation.
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El Safa for Printing and Packaging Exhibitions

As part of our efforts for constant growth and to achieve our goals in global expansion ,over the past years we participated in many printing industry related fairs and exhibitions both domestic and international in several countries like Saudia Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Kenya and even here in Egypt.
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